Brandon Anthony

Web Application Developer

Brandon Anthony

Web Application Developer

About Me

Experienced Application developer focusing on data-driven, responsive, component-based web applications and content management systems, located in the Mid-Atlantic Region.


Artificial Intelligence

Data Visualization





Experienced Application developer focusing on data-driven, responsive, component-based web applications and content management systems, located in the Mid-Atlantic Region.


Associates Degree

2011-2014 Arlington, VA

Web Design & Interactive Media



JUN 2006-Current

Plymouth Meeting, PA

Bstaxx is a production company I started back in 2006 to help with the distribution and marketing of my partners, my clients, and my digital content. I specialize in design, digital productions, React Applications, design systems, Rest APIs, GraphQL APIs, WordPress, and social media marketing. Some technologies I use are Adobe Creative Cloud, Figma, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Office, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, React, React Native, Express, Nextjs, MySQL, Docker, GraphQL, Bootstrap, MongoDB, TypeScript, WordPress, PHP, and Nodejs. I’ve created a responsive eCommerce WordPress theme with Bootstrap. It automates social media campaigns using It allows you to post YouTube videos and content galleries to your portfolio, and your users can donate to you or your projects using WooCommerce. I have another project called Price Tracker. It’s split into three parts, a web scraper built with Crontab.js, Express.js, and puppeteer.js, UI built with Nextjs, and a MongoDB database. The Price Tracker scraps the prices from bullion dealers’ websites, stores it in the database, and you can view analytics of the data and control the web scraper in the UI.


AUG 2022 – JUN 2023

Palo Alto, CA

At Infosys, I was tasked with breaking a monolithic React Typescript application into 12 microservices using Webpack Module Federation Plugin. The application was in serious disrepair and could barely start. I coordinated with our offshore junior team and served as the middleman between the team and our client Sysco Labs. I also created performance reports for the application using Jest. We deployed the application with GitHub Actions.

Aria Systems

AUG 2022 – APR 2023

Broomall, PA

Aria Systems is a subscription billing company with clients such as Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T. They needed to convert a legacy PHP application into React TypeScript, so I was brought onto the team to lead our offshore contractors. I established coding standards for the team that improved the quality of the code and added better state management. I created reusable components which served as the core of the application, specifically a data table that was used on just about every page. Our backend team created a GraphQL API in Java that I integrated into the application using Apollo Client. I integrated pdfs into the application using a SOAP API. I created unit tests using Jest and React Testing Library. We used Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, and Azure to deploy the application.

Project Management Institute (PMI)

JUN 2019 – JUN 2022

Newtown, PA

PMI is a learning platform that gives out certification for project management. I led the production of their design system built on Bootstrap, Storyboard, Node, SASS, and TypeScript. The design system was used in Angular, React, and their Cold Fusion applications. I refactored their Cold Fusion application with Bootstrap for responsiveness. I created data-driven reusable interactive infographics using D3js and React for their Standards Plus React TypeScript application. The application was deployed using Azure.


NOV 2018 – DEC 2019

Silver Spring, MD

I was hired by Tanisha Systems and Cognizant to work on an Angular application for Verizon. The application was designed to manage their Field Technician projects to repair current equipment and install new 5G technology. I installed Redux into the application for state management. The application was deployed with Jenkins.

VWR international

SEP 2017 - MAR 2018

Radnor, PA

VWR is a medical supplies distributor with OpenText content management system. I was brought on the manage ads on their website and to create and React application to browse their products.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

MAY 2015 - DEC 2016

Philadelphia, PA

I was hired by a UK company called The Moment to work on the SharePoint intranet for GSK. I created custom web parts and templates. I created forms that collected user data with SharePoint Lists. I created data-driven interactive infographics using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I created interactive maps that allowed company employees to query travel dangers globally. I refactored pages to meet accessibility guidelines.

Disc Makers

AUG 2014 - MAY 2015

Pennsauken, NJ

Disk Makers is a media manufacturing company. They help independent artists create, market, and monetize their content. I was hired to help maintain their brands including Disk Makers, Oasis, BookBaby, CDBaby, TuneCore, BlueAsh, and more. I fixed JavaScript bugs and incorporated tracking for analytics.

Executive personnel Service (ESPI)

DEC 2011 – MAR 2014

Vienna, VA

I was contracted by ESPI to work with the Cathodic Protection company Universal Technical Resource Services (UTRS) who was contracted to work on the Metro Silver Line from Washington DC to Tyson’s Corner, VA. I created and maintained a database system using Excel. I kept track of all expenses by scanning receipts into the Neat scanning system and created expense reports for over 200 accounts and 15 locations by blueprint number. My reports were used by the company for billing and job completion percentages. I standardized the data collection system by creating standard forms for our technicians to complete in the field. Those forms were returned to me to be entered into the database. The reports included time spent, materials, and any encountered issues. I used the data to help identify the materials needed to be restocked. I negotiated with our suppliers for the lowest price. I assisted the engineers with creating digital models calculating the theoretical resistance of railway structures. I also went into the field to conduct electrical tests on the rail lines to measure the quality of the cathodic protection system.


MAY 2006 – AUG 2009

Lanham, MD

I was an apprentice for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Working for the Local Union 26 in the Washington DC area. I worked on industrial projects installing electrical systems in accordance to blueprints. I installed fire alarm systems in the Smithsonian Museum, and the National Zoo. I installed cable trays, electrical panels, receptacles, and switches for NASA’s clean room. I installed the electrical systems for student dorms, and office space in government buildings. I installed electrical systems at the University Town Center by the Mall at Prince George’s in Maryland.

Friends & Company

FEB 2005 - May 2006

Washington Metro Area

I helped with general office duties for various clients.

Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing

May 2004 - FEB 2005

Laural, MD

I made cold calls, traveled to home shows, fairs, and convention centers to raise awareness of foundation issues for homeowners while convincing them to agree to a free home inspection where our inspectors would recommend waterproofing services for their foundation if needed.


( 0 = Beginner, 100 = Expert )

Acting 100
Adobe CC 100
Angular 70
Babel 80
Bootstrap 100
Cheerio.js 100
CSS 100
Customer Service 100
D3 80
Docker 90
Entertainment 100
Express.js 80
Figma 80
Film Production 100
Fruity Loops 100
Git 90
GitHub 90
Graphic Design 100
GraphQL 80
HTML 100
JavaScript 100
Jenkins 70
Jest 80
JQuery 100
Leadership 100
Management 100
Microsoft Azure 70
Microsoft Office 100
MongoDB 90
Music Production 100
My SQL 80
Networking 100
Next.js 100
Node.js 100
Open Broadcasting Software 100
Opentext 60
OpenVPN 80
PHP 90
PostgreSQL 90
Puppeteer.js 100
React Native 100
React,js 100
Redux 90
SASS 100
sharePoint 80
Storybook.js 90
SVG Animations 100
Tailwind 80
TypeScript 100
Wordpress 90
Zod 80